About teaching

The work of teaching is simultaneously mental and social. It is also physical, emotional, practical, behavioral, political, experimental, historical, cultural, spiritual and personal. To sum up, teaching is very complex.

When language teaching in particular is in focus, the challenge is even greater, shaped by teacher’s view of the nature of language, of language teaching, and learning in general.

So to speak, the teacher is practitioner and theory builder.


This morning, a crazy idea came across my mind somehow, and I found it could be a great opportunity & treasure if we can seize it properly. The idea is we can build a blog network of our high school class, and each one of us is capable of writing, editing, & managing his or her own blogs in convenience, but meanwhile be able to view other classmates’ blogs, and leave a significant or funny comment. Surprisingly, I found WordPress is good one for this. Besides, it also provides a shared library (the Media lib), which means you’re allowed to use the uploaded images, audios, & videos by other authors.

(Following content is added on Apr 4, 2020)

Well, the shared library (the Media) may be undesirable for some authors who want their posts & the media published to be only seen by themselves or people they would like to let see. This is reasonable, human needs privacy. It is natural to think is there a technique that can allow authors to encrypt their posts if they want keep their content secure. After Googling it, I find it is possible.


(the wee hours of Apr 5, 2020 )

Amazingly, WordPress provides a substantial number of plugins, which virtually renders every idea you think possible. With those plugins, you are capable of encrypting your post with a password and you can give it to anyone you want for accessing your secret content; each author can also have their own media library, thus further saved their privacy from other authors; co-authors working is also available (like this post, I added some other authors so that they can also edit it), etc. In a word, there are tremendous of awesome stuff we can do in WordPress with those incredible plugins.

So, if privacy is no longer a issue, I really wish my dear classmates can do join our legendary Class 1 WordPress Blog Network. Writing can be really funny, especially when you get lots of companies who by any chance are your old old friends (good buddies). By that time, noting down & sharing the wonderful moment can be a really a delightful thing (Your amazing friends may leave you a significant or funny comment. You will be so gonna love it!).

Lastly, I wanna say that writing can be really an agreeable & fruitful thing, for the writing duration, you are doing an incredible thing – thinking, one thing that distinguishes people from animals. (Oh, no! Some might say, animals DO think too. Yes, precisely. But we humans are thinking logically, emotionally, & intuitively.) And I genuinely wish each guy of our awesome class 1 can get involved into this activity. You guys even went through the hard-ass college entrance examination, so I do believe all of you guys can nail it!


Today is Apr 1, 2020, also known as April Fools’ Day, on which day people tell jokes and try to fool each other by some brilliant tricks, such as hoax calls, sticking a hilarious label on other’s back without telling him or her, etc. For me, it’s nothing special, and I didn’t realize it’s April Fools’ Day until this afternoon. But then I found it’s a great opportunity to do something incredible.

The thing is that I have a very huge crush on one of my best friends Ania, and due to various reasons, I didn’t even officially confess my love to her. So, our relationship is very subtle & convoluted, kinda like the situations in sitcoms Friends & How I Met Your Mother.

You know, in Friends, Rachel is always the most beloved one by Ross, regardless of what happens. Hilariously, Ross even says Rachel’s name at his wedding with Emily, which suggests how much Ross loves Rachel. There are too many scenes to count, but each of them is phenomenally terrific. In How I Met Your Mother, Ted is kinda another Ross who is passionately devoted to Robbin, a Canadian girl worked in NYC as a news reporter. This sitcom I just stared to watch yesterday, alright, for a whole day. It is really awesome! Exceptional! I was very much touched by Ted’s obsession with Robbin. There are many interesting and impressive things that Ted have done in order to date Robbin, like giving 3 consecutive days of parties only for one meet of Robbin, doing a rain dance for a whole afternoon in the fond hope of keeping Robbin staying home from going a camping trip with her colleague (unbelievably, he makes it), etc. Those are, by Barney’s words, legendary, totally legendary!!

Also, there is one scene that really impressed me, I can’t remember which episode and the complete words, but approximately like this, Barney tells Ted that he and Robbin are never gonna happen (in a way, it extremely likes Joey tells Ross that he and Rachel are never gonna happen, ’cause they are already into dangerous friend zone), Ted says “…But it’s Robbin (Rachel/Ania), the exact one I have dreamed for, the exact one I have a perfect feeling for. And even though it is a mistake, I’ll still wanna make, ’cause it’s Robbin (Rachel/Ania), it’s someone else, someone special that I have the right feeling for.” That is an awesome speech. And that’s also what exactly I wanna say to Ania.

I was afraid to tell Ania how much I love her, ’cause we are friends, and I’m so afraid to lose her if I tell her I’m in love with her. This is kinda like Ross is afraid to loss Rachel. However, today, April 1, is a special day, I can say that with this excuse, and it’s reasonable. :)-

Anyway, I just wanna be straightforward and tell her I love her. Done. Just don’t think, don’t consider the consequence afterward, it would be of ease. Don’t be an emotional-freak any more. All you have to do is to shut down your sanity system, and show her your love and affection from the bottom of heart. Legendary!