A Fantastic Girl

It seems that I’m invariably lucky enough to meet fantastic girls?. These days, I’ve been occasionally meeting an incredibly adorable girl in Banan Library, with a distance of about 50m to which I rented a small room for study & preparing my summer internship.

It all began with one of my library friends, a ♀, who was pissed off with me today as I didn’t grab a seat for her, though I was de facto very lucky to be one of the last two people who had the opportunity to get one.

While waiting in a long ass line for getting seats, I met another girl behind me who claimed herself to be an English tutor, humorous, agreeable. (Somehow I was & am just very interested in people (girls) who like English, who speak English, etc.) We had a nice conversation. Then when it was about to our (the last two lucky ones) turns, the girl came, in a hurry…

She was in a black casual dress, left her hair hanging loose over her shoulders, big beautiful eyes, so captivating!!

Back to yesterday evening when I was going to get a cup of water and ready for leave, thanks to my poor memory, I ran into her for the 2nd time as I was running back to fetch my filled glass left on the water filter. She recognized me and greeted me with a pure brilliant smile. Then I recalled this girl a couple of days ago when I went back to 4th floor to get my backpack, she was sitting next to my female library friend (Miss Left), and I asked her a few dumb questions. A little bit shy though, she was absolutely adorable, lovely, and agreeable to talk to. She’s AWESOME. I like her.

Then I realized it was that amazing girl, surprised & secretly pleased, I asked her a couple of dumb ass questions again, and I acquired & confirmed that she was, like me, a junior student, but majored in art. Last (also first) time she said she was majoring in art, then CS, then a poor senior high school student who was going to participate in the brute CEE in HOT July. I was so confused. Then I got all clear. Besides, I learned that she meanwhile need to learn some cs stuff, and she came to the library to review & prepare her final exams. After a short distance of observation, I found her face was suffered from acne, which might be the reason that she was a little unconfident when talking to people. Despite this, you could find her very enchanting, gorgeous, and you are definitely willing to make friends with her, for, oh my goodness, she’s merely too fantastic!

Till here, you should guess what happened next this morning… Ha, I chose to give this opportunity to that wonderful girl given that she was in more urgent need of it, plus I need to find a place where I can speak. However, I should have grabbed a seat for Miss Left as we had implicitly agreed. Sometimes it’s just hard to make a choice, and you know for sure that you would be condemned for the behavior that you thought was right, but you just have to do it, for no reason at all.

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  1. PS: I found her very like my high school deskmate Alison, an energetic, lovely girl.

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