New Project – Weekly Summary

Sooo, finally, I decided to launch a new project that aims for self-improvement via writing summaries, which can be: insightful thoughts, achievements I’ve made, things I really need to put efforts on, horrible things I’ve committed, interests I would like to nurture, awesome people I’ve encountered, challenges I should take, goals I should strive for, essential changes I must make, … Additionally, it serves an extra benefit of saving my ass from terrible writing skills, given that I’m really not into writing, or some sort of detesting feeling. Evil of laziness :)

Okay, now let’s talk about this deprived week, the week I didn’t write any code. But I did attend two classes. The one on Friday, however, got me understood something – Your mind and thinking concerning a certain discipline will rust if you don’t engage in it for a long time. For example, mathematics. It seems like I haven’t been learning mathematics for quite a long time, the agile mind of mathematics I used to have just gone – it took me an unusual amount of time to figure out some calculations that wouldn’t take a few minutes when I was a sophomore. Of course, it shouldn’t be any surprise, since that’s the mechanism our memories work, typically transient in nature. Once you regain the knowledge, it feels superb!

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