Getting older, huh?

Getting older, huh? I have experienced some things that were extraordinarily meaningful in the year 2020: I started to write academic papers in English, pursuing perfectly-typeset articles and I have done some results that I’m now still very proud of. I started to browse English websites every day, hankering for an ideal & beautiful country to live in and work in. I went to see the sea for the first time on June 3, 2020, with my roomie Wang Yichuan, with whom I had a few conflicts but also indelible time together doing mathematical modeling and cooking. I started to notice that I was really a jerk and I had done a few unkind things which I took for granted, I wished to go to the church and confess my sins. I became more sensitive, sweet, and understanding. I found my goal again which is to continue my studies as I really enjoyed a lot the whole process when I was doing rigorous research. I never have had so strong a desire to study, and I wish to go to Germany to pursue my academic career!

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