Planning To See Ania

It is so exciting that I’m so gonna see my lovely, sweet friend Ania next weekend, though, which have been planned since last parting in July. That night, when she was about to leave for Chaoyang Campus the next day, is still vividly remembered in my mind. She looked like a million dollars that night, wearing an elegant long dress, with her hair loose, and applying a pink lipstick which was my first time seeing her putting on a lipstick, absolutely stunning!! And we find a terrific restaurant by chance while walking along the streets aimlessly, talking and facing the blowing breeze leisurely. At dinner, we had fish with hot chili oil which, by the way, was really delicious. … Anyway, it was a wonderful night.

Alright, now let’s switch to another interesting topic regarding her birthday that seems to remain a bit of mysterious to me. When I first added her QQ contact, her QQ profile said her birthday is November 22 (or Nov 23?>﹏< Jesus, forgive my goddamn terrible memory (embarrassed?). I sincerely apologize here!). Yet, it changed for several times and when I tried to ask about her birthday, she was a little coy about it, maybe because she didn’t want to bother people. Or whatever. I understand, yeah, it’s not that matter actually. What matters is how you make of every day you live. So, let me just assume her birthday is Nov 22 (next Friday), and I’ve prepared a special gift-a pigeon. Well, it should be a turtle dove, the idea of which was inspired by Home Alone Ⅱ, see a short clip here. As you shall see from this clip, that turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love, which is of tremendous symbolic significance. Additionally, they are super cute!

Looking forward to seeing my dearest friend…

For Ania

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