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(… continuing of the previous post, view original screenshot 1, 2, here) As the previous post says, some very important things happened that night (Jan 2):

First, I asked my friend Liu Ling 1 (who learns computer science at Sichuan University and is going to work for Citibank in Shanghai) a few questions about job interviews, work experience, as well as her attitude towards the job due. A wish to continue her studies was manifested through her talk, which also set me thinking about the old question: which path should I choose – working as a programmer or furthering my studies?

So at this very point, Jiaxi, who is my favorite girl in our class, asked me a little question, which in turn developed into an agreeable & cheerful conversation. Wow, she asked me if I could work or study in Beijing where she would read her master’s degree. And she thought quite good of me, while on my whole life I’d never thought I could be this much important to someone, let alone my crush. I was all ecstatic, appreciated & flattered by her attention. Of all that night I couldn’t get to sleep (maybe a nap at dawn for about 2 hours), yet facing the upcoming exam in the next morning. But it didn’t matter at all since we were allowed to refer to our slides or textbook or whatever; most importantly, my crush seemed to have good feelings for me, which meant tremendously to me. I thought a hell lot of stuff that night… 2

Now I suddenly seem to find out a weird phenomenon (reality), while I was trying hard to search for my so-called soulmate, in which process I encountered Ania and Miss White in turn, I got some point very important missed – maybe we should slow down and look aside because the odds are that the very girl you should love with every beat of your heart is just beside you (is as close to you as she can), watching you & supporting you silently. I dunno, maybe…

Anyhow, I’ll make every effort to deliver on my promises to Jiaxi, as well as to myself, and try to make it to Beijing by Kaoyaning BUAA. There will, of necessity, have myriads of tough problems awaiting me during this journey, but I hope every time when I feel like giving up I could come here to pick up my lost courage and fight like a man all over again!


  1. Well, yeah, she… is the older twin sister, the other being Liu Li to whom I referred but then broke off in previous post. Ah, there was a small secrete between me & Liu Li, and I promised not to tell anyone. But I’d like to thank her for her enlightening words as well as her great deal of encouragement which helped me realize what I genuinely wanted from the heart. Wish we both success ?. Besides, I want to thank her older sister Liu Ling who enthusiastically provided me with great support for some trivial but vexing problems.
  2. It was quite lucky of me to run into her at the juncture of the stairs the next morning when we attended the last exam, and I gave her a bottle of orange juice which was of my favorite sort. She accepted it gladly after I told her it was my favorite drink. Amazingly happy! My goddess took my little gift :-)

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