Wake Up – The Rise of A Brave Heart

It seemed I’d been in a long ass mindless, depraving, dreadful dream in 2020, indecisive, lacking courage, blundering around in the darkness & searching for something unreal, missing the chances, working on things only when I felt inclined to or much motivated. Yet, I did grow a lot from last year, both emotionally & mentally. And I became calmer and more confident. That’s probably how life goes on, I suppose. It reminds me of some insightful words from an amazing girl on Facebook:

There are moments where you pause and reflect on how life has brought you to this moment. You take a deep breath, and…

Posted by The Iveys on Monday, September 7, 2020

(In case you are in mainland China and cannot see it, a screenshot can be seen from here.)

On December 15, 2020, a high school friend Liu Li from sibling class (class 2, I were in class 1) who excelled (and I believe now she also excels, I were quite a fan of her) at mathematics since I knew her from the last term of junior high school (when we were classmates) had a lovely conversation with me. She is the younger one of the intelligent twin sisters, and of course, the twins were quite lucky, always being arranged in the same class (junior in class 16, high school in class 2). They two are girls♀ of distinction, unusually brilliant & outstanding.

Added on Jan 18, 2021

The above article was unfinished and might have some words which didn’t make sense, for I wrote that almost at midnight; so with an unclear mind, and didn’t know where & how to start… But that night DID have some very IMPORTANT things happened, see next post.

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