Letter To Miss White

Hey, Miss White, how U doin’? It’s quite conflicting whether to write this to ya. (Well, I suck in writing, in turn, there might be some words won’t make sense. So please don’t mind ^_@ )

Last Friday (Oct 2) was really an exceptional day, the whole thing was like a dream, I’d never imagined I could hang out with one of my favorite girls (also my crush) for a whole day. Words failed me. Altogether the time being with you was incredible. But the interesting thing was the day before I was soooo feared, that what if you don’t like there, or don’t like rowing, or whatever. I’m just afraid of upsetting you, which is the last thing I wanna do. I would try everything to make you happy ;-) … I think I’m just in the middle of falling in love with YOU, and I can’t help thinking about YOU all the time. To me, you are perfect. I know it’s way too soon, and this isn’t love. But I need to tell you something: I really really really really really really like you. And I want you, do you want me, do you want me, too.

——- October 22 ——-

I’m always holding the view that people who are told that they’re being loved are happier than those who are not. So I want to be sincere in my feelings and tell you: I LIKE YOU, REALLY REALLY DO.

Actually, you’ve been one of my favourite girls since the first time I saw you when I was trying to audit on an exercise class of mathematical analysis after the major-transferring exam. You were just way too prominent, tall, gorgeous, adorable, a very lovely girl.. And you took all my atention, in turn, I didn’t really listen into anything, but merely remembered one incredible girl that I’d a huge crush on, who was also the only girl I had an image for after the end of the class. It was YOU – Miss White. I’m tickled pink to see you.

I just want to tell you I’M SO INTO YOU. YOU’RE MY LOBSTER. Every minute being with you was peerless. You mean everything to me.

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