My Beloved Friends

I woke up from a nightmare, a very horrible nightmare. It was 6:45 a.m., raining slightly, air fresh.

The dream was incredibly bizarre, that one of my favorite girls Jiang Xuan, who used to be my deskmate for some time during the second semester of senior two of my high school years, was murdered by a guy. I was crying, desperately, madly (kinda like the rain outside). She was (, IS, & will be) one of my favorite people, to whom I also owe many apologies. She is sweet, funny, understanding, supportive, gorgeous, elegant, and awesome anyway. I like her so much. Then I dreamed about Peach, she was married to Kengping (a nickname), with two cute kids, one is 1 year old, another is 5 years old (Surprised).

The thing is that when she became my deskmate, I think I was very mean to her, ’cause at that time somehow I was having a crush on Alison who happened to transfer to our class at that semester (old story). Alright, I have to acknowledge that I was a jerk.

I’m really into Jiang Xuan, in a very special way which I can’t even explain. I don’t wanna lose my beloved friends, and I don’t even get time to tell them I love them (though you always do love them from the bottom of your heart, you just somehow cannot manage to say it out, weird.). I just wanna say I really very like her, very very much.

About the murder suspect, see the next post.

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